You may end up having to return to Haiti NOW because with the...

By: Rkgs (replying to Msg 8451) - September 8 2009, 3:56 AM

You may end up having to return to Haiti NOW because with the demise of the U.S. financial system there is huge demand to get rid of all illegals and if you are living here as illegal and have to go to the hospital or get a ticket or have any run in with cops for any reason you could be turned over to customs and on your way back home if you are an illegal and those things are not to mention the other problems native Americans have of not being able to find a job or suffering the ramifications of high cost of living in Florida, etc. The solution is read the post on history of Haiti and liberation of island.

You ask what Haitians do well. They are good fighters and fighting for liberation of the entire island is still possible and a better alternative than living in U.S. where you face eventual return to Haiti by force of immigration authorities as an illegal you have no right to be here and are in violation of U.S. laws now becoming strickly enforced due to U.S. financial demise.

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