Hello Claudine, I've been following your posts and I wasn't...

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Hello Claudine, I've been following your posts and I wasn't quite sure how to comment.

I know we would find all that you have stated here in Haiti.

It's true racism does exist in Haiti, despite the fact that the majority of Haitians are black there's still a preference for the lighter skin and straighter hair. I don't like it but it exists.

But that sentiment is not only Haiti, it also exists here in the US as well. You will find racism in every society and among every ethnicity.

Understand that I'm the last person that will excuse racism or sweep it under the rug, but please, you must understand that as Haitians our problems run deep and it's gonna take a lot of time and effort to deal with the wounds and the inferior mentality that were imposed on us during slavery.

Slavery is the worst thing that ever happened to us black people worst of all it's accompanied with the ideology that black is ugly. Our ancestors were treated worst than mules because of the color of their skins, you must understand the kind of effect something like that will have on people.

Things can change but it will take time.

Zac, September 7 2009, 3:12 AM

Topic: Against Enslavement of Haitian People

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Llyod, 6-Sep-09 5:27 pm
Hello Claudine, I've been following your posts and I wasn't quite sure how to comment. I know we would find all that... read more >
Zac, 7-Sep-09 3:12 am
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