Who is the Deciding Factor? By Montresor 2011

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My Fellow Haitians,

Let's talk about the question of voodoo Vs God.

I was up this morning around 4:00 a.m. for my devotional prayer when the Lord gave me these words of knowledge and wisdom.

"There will be no escape where power vacuum exists"

For example:
The children of Israel struggled to trust, obey the divine voice of God in all things, and spent 40 years in the desert, not days.

In the time of Joseph God dealt with the king in a dream that would soon determine the future of his nation's (Kingdom) strengths or power vacuums (rebellion).


The King made wise and quick decisions to eliminate the power vacuums (rebellion) and strengthened one of his most powerful positions in the history of his kingdom.

King pharos understood the priceless meaning of the one who poses the divine voice and position of authority as his deciding factors to honor, and elect as his right hand man (Joseph Jacobs's eleventh son).

Therefore he the King escapes the greatest famine devastation with law and order in the land by submitting to divine supreme authority of Godly wisdom and leadership.

My fellow friends,
Will rebellion, voodoo or Godly wisdom be the deciding factor of your destiny?

Last but not least,
How will your country, you, and your family escape the power vacuums of rebellion against the power of Godly wisdom?

As for me (Montresor) I choose Godly wisdom to be the deciding factors for my destiny.

God Bless!

Montresor2011 at gmail.com

Montresor 2011, August 28 2009, 11:34 AM

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