Every time someone lavishes a few words of praise on Duvalier...

Zac - August 26 2009, 1:45 AM

Every time someone lavishes a few words of praise on Duvalier, conspicuously Doncarlos never fails to show up and concur.

It's the only subject that interests him. I suspect he is perhaps a former Macoute who long for the good old days. Unfortunately, the Duvalier ship set sail a long time ago and it ain't coming back.

As a matter of fact, I think I read online last week that the Duvalier ship went down somewhere in the stormy waters of Switzerland.

Haitianjonas, you misunderstood my comment.

Now, Doncarlos said previously that Haiti needed another Duvalier; effectively saying that Haiti needs a dictator.

In his response to you he now says democracy does not work in Haiti.

That is an insult.

Here's why I said you misunderstood my comment.

I said in my post that back in the days white people used to say that black people were like animals that they could never learn to read or write.

Basically they instilled in blacks a belief of inferiority.

Now Doncarlos is cementing the lie that we cannot govern ourselves by saying that democracy does not work in Haiti.

The comment was directed at what white slave masters used to say not Duvalier.

It is not the system of governance that is the problem, in other words the problem is not democracy it's the elected officials that is the problem.

If a blind man is chosen to drive a bus and then he crashes that bus and kills every passenger, who do you think is responsible for the crash, the bus or the blind man?

It's the blind man. Haiti is being led by the blind, the uneducated.

People who know nothing about governance and politics.

They can't even spell their own name.

Whatever mistakes Duvalier made in the past that is irrelevant.

As far as presidents are concerned we need to stop being so forgiving.

It's time we learn to hold presidents accountable for their actions or lack there of. You mentioned a Luke Desirs who used to pulled out people's nails, I never knew the bastard, it's the first I heard of him.

I was born in 1987, I believe that was the year Haitians finally managed to drag those vermins out of office and it was long overdue.

It just occurred to me that the best way to deal with a pest problem is to exterminate them because if you simply drag them out they have a way of creeping back in again when you least expect it.

Haitianjonas like you I love Haiti and I am positioning myself to be a leader in the Diaspora community I will get involve in Haiti as well. I believe that we need to believe in ourselves.

We are a very capable people.

As slaves we survived the atrocious trans-Atlantic voyage.

We need to stop insulting ourselves, we need to get rid of those beliefs that blacks, Haitians are incapable.

The belief that we cannot govern ourselves or that we do not deserve democracy and the best things life has to offer.

Haiti needs a strong, intelligent, above all self-confident leader who will surround himself or herself with capable ministers to help pull Haiti out of the pit. I want to see a leader who's going to be merciless on criminals and corrupted individuals.

Not a dictator who's going infringe on the rights of law biting citizens.

Gosh, I'm waiting for the day when Haiti will have a leader who is intelligent and confident enough to more than hold his own in the presence of a US president.

A leader who can skillfully get what he wants from the international community and who's also not afraid to tell them off when he has too. That day is coming.

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