Efficiency at the Haitian Embassy in D.C

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This friday I took my wife to the Haitian Embassy in Washington D.C to get her passport renewed, and you know what I was impressed.

As many of you know that I am in the military and I am on orders to go overseas where I will be stationed for two years.

We drove up to DC from Richmomnd, VA and the trip only took about two hours.

I should mention that this is my first visit ever to the Embassy.

We were told that my wife would be able to obtain her new passport the same day, and truthfully I was skeptical, I mean we are dealing with the Haitian government.

We entered the building and I walked over to the assistant in the lobby, and she told us that we would have to wait for a moment.

Minutes later my wife was called inside the office.

She handed all the required documents, and was told to have a seat in the lobby.

We were told that it would be about hour an a half to get done. At this time it was about lunch time, so we went to get a bite to eat. We went back to the Embassy about two hours later, and there it was my wife had her new passport in hand, and we were heading home happy.

To me inspite of everything that is said about Haiti and Haitians this experience illustrates to me that if we had enough will powerwe could make things better for our country.

It may seem impertinent some people, but sometimes it's the little things that counts.

The hardest experience about that trip was finding the place, and parking.

Mark, August 23 2009, 5:08 PM

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