let show all the work done by the president

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how are you mister prez?

congrats for doing a nice job, am a big fan since i know you are not letting any one making koutaille i really like the you way operate ou fe moun yo fe travail yo san vole yo pa jwen lagen ya, mwen kontan anpil bel tactic youn sel ti bagay mwen ta rinmin fe pou wou relem pou mwen explike ou write me back so i can tell you about the project i want to make a documentary-film about you to show the diaspora whats has been done since you took over by the way i knew you would havebeen prez again voilla comment vous pouvez me joindre, rosscross2001 [at] yahoo.com

Roussan Louis Jacques, March 14 2007, 5:22 PM

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