Yes Haitian people are latinos.

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Tous les pays qui ont été colononisés par des pays latins deviennent automatiquement des pays latins aussi.C'est dans cet optique que Mr Will a raison, ceux qui refusent de l'admettre font tout simplement preuve de manque de compréhension envers leurs propres Histoires nationales.Cela m'a choqué de voir que même aux Etas - Unis, pays considéré comme Humain et moral, on a divisé les noirsen les faisant croire qu'ils sont Latinos, Hispanos,Puerto-Riquenos et non noirs.

Alors que les latinos peuvent êre noirs et blancs.J'ai, moi-même, fait l'expérience à Downstate Medical center qui se trouve à Brooklyn, on m'a envoyé une lettre me demandant d'indiquer mon origine suite application de demande d'emploi que j'ai leur avais soumise dans laquelle on me demanda si je suis: Africain ou noir, Porto-Ricain, latin ou Hispanique.Donc, le racisme, mes frères, bat son plein partout et, qui plus est, même dans les pays dits Humains.

Garry Dupre, August 22 2009, 1:46 PM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Zac, I think white Americans like to say that the restavecs in Haiti are slaves for the same reason that they've done... read more >
Linda, 20-Aug-09 6:48 pm
Hi Linda, regarding my school choices, as I said I have a cousin who goes to Georgia Tech I have visited him on campus... read more >
Zac, 21-Aug-09 12:53 am
Being a latin country does not have anything to do with geographical location. A country is considered latin if the... read more >
Price Jean, 21-Aug-09 1:36 pm
Listen "proud Dominican". I only wish I could convince you to educate yourself. read more >
Price Jean, 21-Aug-09 1:47 pm
Tous les pays qui ont ete colononises par des pays latins deviennent automatiquement des pays latins aussi.C'est dans... read more >
Garry Dupre, 22-Aug-09 1:46 pm
NO! No! Mr. Dupri. It is not just countries which were colonised by Latin countries that are now considered part of... read more >
Linda, 22-Aug-09 10:23 pm
After reading what you wrote to me I've realized that you didn't really understand me.What you said to me is just what... read more >
Garry Dupre, 23-Aug-09 7:58 pm
Hey Lovely Sister I would love to hear from you and it does not have to be the same topic. Peace and Love Ciao Bella read more >
Robert Alexandre, 31-Aug-09 11:04 am
Robert; I check the site periodically to see what is going on. However, I don't address any of the issues because I've... read more >
Linda, 31-Aug-09 9:51 pm
Haiti is a latin country because we have inherited a latin culture, but with a different language (French is latin... read more >
Rodfel2001, 2-Sep-09 9:19 am
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