To all of you in the national palace working

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So good morning to you tiba and to the others in the room with you I am astre francois the one who help create the service PLUS public transportation in 1998 with president Preval, Paul Denis JEAN EUDES FRANKLIN DUCLO BENISSOIT REJOUIS PRINCE and SAINT FAR Junior as comptability and me was working as chef of security at delma garage so Ileft because I didn't like the way the institution was fonction so I returned to leogane where I got the job working for the mission Reach Out ecole chretienne of bineau lapointe leogane so I dont make money there but I satisfy with what I make because I dont have too much presure over my head because the organisation that I had which was FOS FONDATION of syndidalist

so I am ok but Icame here after spend 17 years in the united states Icame up here since 1994 so Iam married with an American girl SHIRLEY ANN Hayward FRANCOIS living now in fortlauderdale florida Icame up here with the intention to help develop the tourists activity in the country but no chance with confu fighting of the turgs occupy

the country make it difficult for me to have the visitors trust me that the country is safe for them to come because too much trouble manifestation, burning tires on the streets corners, dirty peoples walking on the streets, so clean peoples scare the dirty poeples around them and dirty dont like clean and any time you are dirty your soul is dirty also your thoughts are dirty your brain is dirty your action is dirty so humans dont like to see the dirty person unlest there is a reason for that so I talk too much

I feel it, so sorry about that try to understand me and help me see how can we start a small tourist project in haitiin 2010, like port salue, jacmel, fochee leogane where we have some beautiful ocean, clean waters so all we need is some beautiful hotel and motel nice INN FOR THE VISITOR SO Help me lord and you guys in the government prevalu because we dont yet what the 2010 will bring for us in the country so we have to keep haiti under prayers so keep me also in your pray God bless!francois sincerely I remain

Astre Francois, August 20 2009, 12:50 PM

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