Andresol Must Stick With The Haitians

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Although I have never had a copy of PNH Chief Mario Andresol's new policy, I hope his granted appeal for a new term is based, not only on his good record self-stylish leadership, as the Chief police, but also his capacity to lead the beautiful braved-heart Haitian Officers into a more tactical and humane mission without the assistance of any foreign troops on our soil. I wish Mr. Andresol understood the necessity of Haiti free of all those foreign Intelligence agents and their [soldiers] heavy security details.

Also, I wish Mr. Andresol to stick with the Haitian Officers and the population because MINUSTAH and his clicks will commit MAYHEM into your commitment-to-keep-peace-in-Haiti, especially when they will approach the end of their term. I mean, they will stage a vague of violence--and turbulence into the country's Justice Department-- in order to force Prez Preval to extend their presence on our soil. We, The Dark Knights, wish by 2011, Haiti must be free of all foreign troops.

And we mean it.

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, August 20 2009, 8:48 AM

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