The Great Kings Mind Into This Sprouting Democracy

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"The unprecedented-- and true-- DEMOCRACY is now sprouting in United States of America but is still in the great needs to be guarded by the Great Black Philosopher Kings (PASSENGERS) against all flooded Evil-Infected-Elements in order to prevent a repeat of the aftermath of the EMANCIPATION that tricked the Black Americans [The Creams of The Creams] to seek refuge to Liberia, left behind a rag tag Blacks to be oppressed by their then oppressors.

Their oppression has been upgraded to worse, but only The Great Philosopher Kings are able to scan and extract it. And that MAYHEM has been done so smooth and calculated into their existences, and they have become an absolute and faithful executors for their own viruses.

Therefore, the sine-qua-non mind of the Great Black Philosopher Kings into this sprouting DEMOCRACY is not negotiable.

It is LIFE." Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., The C.R.J.

An Excerpt from his unfinished book: "The Circle."

The Great King is Coming

The Dark knight

The Dark Knight, August 20 2009, 7:29 AM

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