Lanj, I've been off the blog for a while and did not see your...

Linda - August 15 2009, 7:08 PM

Lanj, I've been off the blog for a while and did not see your post before today.

I notice that there have been many interesting posts, but yours was the only one that started off nasty.

You said "shut up Linda! why dont you feed them yourself?" Later I'll address the insanity of the second part of that sentence (you know, the part that said that I--an average citizen--should provide nutrition for a whole nation's population), but first let's talk about how well mannered you are; how intelligently you approach a debate; how classy and suave your presentation of the issue is. I mean "shut up Linda" most definitely shows that you have amazing debate skills.

I get that you are a Preval fanatic, or maybe even a Preval relative, but don't you think you should leave such fancy, classy, intelligent language as "shut up..." to children 10 years old and under.

Moving on:

You said I should feed all the starving children myself.

Well now, I think that's brilliant...except for one thing, I'm not the president of the country...Your buddy Preval is. I did not sign-up for that leadership job; Preval did. I don't get all the big bucks for being president; Preval does, and than puts it all in his pocket.

I don't have a whole government at my disposal to help me come up with solutions for the country; Preval does. I don't have tons of international money and supplies lining my pocket instead of the children's belly; Preval does. I could go on with this, but why bother.

I get that the idiot thief Preval is your buddy and your probably sucking on some bone that his throwing you, but do you really need to act as if the rest of us citizens are somehow to blame for how incompetent this man is...

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I understand you Zac and I extend my appreciation to...

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