One undeniable fact I know about Haitians is that we are a...

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One undeniable fact I know about Haitians is that we are a proud nation.

I can guarantee that if Haitians were given the option of dual citizenship after immigrating to the US they would have taken it. I also know that Haitians are keenly intelligent, and where they smell opportunity they will flock to it. To this end, Haitians will become US citizens and they will climb ladders.

They will reach levels that many Americans could not dare dream of reaching.

The Haitian soul yearns for greatness, and since greatness is possible in the US, they will do everything possible in order to achieve, even if the price is to become a US citizen.

They will not get bothered by their country's stubbornness to seize the advantage and change their policies.

Let me ask you something, If the Haitian government rescinded their policy and allow dual citizenship would those Haitians who were already US citizens still be considered traitors?

Probably not. In that case if Haiti shifted their policy on dual citizenship then the word traitor would cease correspond in relations to Haitian Americans, which means that it's all about semantic?

To blame a Haitian for making that choice is simply, well ignorant and simple minded.

Such criticisms are without merit.

We are so used to the Third world mentality that we curse others for thinking and living outside that box. My fellow Haitians we have to broaden our perspectives.

I say yes, we must dare to dream that we will occupy high public offices in the US. Imagine if we had a Haitian born US Senator from Florida, or New York. How would he get there if he did not become naturalized?

This country offers us so much more than ours do, why does some of us occupy our energy debating futility?

We ought to capitalize on those opportunities, and bring revolutionary changes to our country.

Let no one impede progress.

Mark, August 15 2009, 12:27 AM

Topic: International Haitian Diaspora Congress 2009

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One undeniable fact I know about Haitians is that we are a proud nation. I can guarantee that if Haitians were given... read more >
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