Pierre I. Guillaume My! my! my! You said "There are other...

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Pierre I. Guillaume

My! my! my!

You said "There are other Haitian Diaspora in other countries who adopted a second citizenship without renouncing their Haitian citizenship."

If what you just said is true, then that makes all of those who are opposing "dual citizenship" look like a bunch of moronic zealots without a functioning brain.

This proves the need to get rid of the entire constipation, oops! I did it again, my bad! I meant to say the whole constitution because it is a racist document that is being discriminating against its own people.

That proves the malicious intent of the opponents of dual citizenship like a bunch of "chimere" who have a profound hatred, jealousy, and resentment for those who are naturalized.

But, you and I both know what you just said is NOT truth.

The constitution cannot accept natiralization from certain country while against naturalization from some other countries.

Tiba, August 14 2009, 9:26 PM

Topic: International Haitian Diaspora Congress 2009

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