Haitian Leaders forced to come up with boo vision

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Future Haitian leader (Montresor) is effortlessly forcing all Haitian leaders of 2010-2011 election to come up with "BOO" visionary plans as dead line approaches and so far there are no competitions only talk and talk is cheap.

Montresor you remain as an original to us Haitians.

Banjo, August 13 2009, 3:22 PM

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Banjo, With all due respect, what is "BOO" visionary plan? read more >
Tiba, 13-Aug-09 4:40 pm
What a bit***ch for Tiba he does not Know what "Boo" means and he hate Montresor with a passion. Well, Well maybe you... read more >
Banjo, 13-Aug-09 4:52 pm
Banjo, Give me a break man! I told you that I am slow, lol. How can I understand a big word like that? What questions... read more >
Tiba, 13-Aug-09 5:27 pm
Okay Tiba, Here is the answer to what "BOO" Means Again Tiba Montresor ideas and Vision are "BEAUTIFUL" PERFECT and... read more >
Banjo, 13-Aug-09 5:38 pm
Banjo, Does Montresor know you're making fun of his presidency? I knew what "boo" was but I could not understand it in... read more >
Tiba, 13-Aug-09 6:02 pm
Tiba, ou sou blofffffffffff. LOL I heve to go to the movie with my wife I'll be back just for you. Later read more >
Banjo, 13-Aug-09 6:07 pm


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