Tiba, I agree with almost everything you said. I must add that...

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Tiba, I agree with almost everything you said.

I must add that the Haitian Diaspora issue is a hot topic.

Anyway you touch it, you will burn yourself or suffer some pains.

It takes a lot of courage for a man like you and I to even dare to publicly say a word about it. I say that to show my respect to what you have said and to whatever you will say in the future.

Another relevant issue that is also discussed here at PrevalHaiti.org is the issue of the "Diaspora Obsession with Dual Citizenship" (http://prevalhaiti.com/messages.php/16189).

I believe that you and I exchanged our honest views on it last week. It is another very hot topic - and related.

Tiba, you were somehow right about your presumptions on the Haitian Diaspora Congress of 2009. Out of curiosity and in search of the truth and an answer, I attended the four days of this event.

Believe me, there are many questions that remain unanswered and much of the reality was unchecked.

For example, (and as you know) I was particularly interested on the debate on "Dual citizenship".

They did have that debate, but to my dissatisfaction none of the panelist addressed the issue of the Haitian-American citizens who under oath "absolutely and entirely renounced and abjured all allegiance and fidelity to" Haiti when they took their oath of citizenship of the United States of America ( ayitilokal.com/content/oath-citize... ).

Is this fact irrelevant?

Is the American Diaspora in denial?

Did the panelist purposely avoid this fact to preserve sanity and peace?

To join you with your suspicions, are they a bunch of hypocrites?

In the bathrooms however, I overheard a group of attendees who expressed their dissatisfactions also.

I, however, recognize that the effort of the organizer is admirable.

Many expressed their will to pursue the discussions further.

I heard a gentleman who promised to create a website just for the purpose to re-engage the conversations and the discussions.

I am looking forward to find and to see that.

"Du choc des idées jaillit la lumière".

I think only the braves will dare publicly offer their views and share their opinions.

For this reason, I wish to read yours soon!


Andy Thomas, August 11 2009, 10:34 AM

Topic: International Haitian Diaspora Congress 2009

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