Zac I can understand your frustration as a young 22 year old...

Angie - August 8 2009, 10:59 AM

Zac I can understand your frustration as a young 22 year old At that age I was a recalle 2 times in philo.

I do not try to put you down with your dream.

however I like to see young like you who wants to involve in their country.

Haitian mentallity is santi.

1st of all if you got there and try to teach them the right way they pretend intellectuel will try to put you dowm and you will do nothing.

in second hand there is another group the pretend higher class will eat you by acting that they are your friend and later on impose them on you.Zac you will be a stranger in haiti belive me. Most of haitian are trying to plin poche yo selman epi zafe pou lot. haiti is not like here when you are trying to involve in organization that can change a situation that doesn't look good for you.Zac haiti have enough people with high integrity that can change its face. Haiti have people in some state as senator, mayor or past, lawyers, doctor, as you know better than me hollywood stars, football players, basketball players, think about it if everyone of them passionate for haiti like you we could be like DR.

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