Black red, From what I heard the Macoutes were a repressive...

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Black red, From what I heard the Macoutes were a repressive force in Haiti.

They used fear and intimidation to oppress the people.

I agree with you that Haiti needs lasting peace and security, but a macoute type of security is certainly not the solution.

If that were to happen it would set whatever little progress Haiti has done down the drain.

Haiti needs a well organize, discipline police force, and they need to expand the police force.

The Haitian government has to make security a priority in the country, and it has to begin paying the police better salaries in order to mitigate the levels corruptions.

From what I heard the police's salary is pretty miserable and that is one of the reason why they are prone to accepting bribes; next to that is the need to better educate them. Haiti's problems are enormous and complex, but if we all join hands we can unfold some of the issues.

Mark, August 7 2009, 3:05 PM

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Black red, From what I heard the Macoutes were a repressive force in Haiti. They used fear and intimidation to oppress... read more >
Mark, 7-Aug-09 3:05 pm
Mark, You heard they were a repressive force, listen they did the job that frankly the current u.n. peace keepers can... read more >
Black Red, 7-Aug-09 3:20 pm
Brother you have to understand the game that is being played here. If the UN peacekeeping is successful then they will... read more >
Zac, 7-Aug-09 11:01 pm
Mark you know something I like the way you think. There's a lot of wisdom in your comments. Last you asked me about... read more >
Zac, 7-Aug-09 11:08 pm
No Zac not at all. I consider myself a conscientious human being. We all have a sense of right and wrong, but many... read more >
Mark, 8-Aug-09 7:48 am
Mark let me repeat myself again, perhaps you didn't read the comment I wrote before the last one. I'm not a... read more >
Zac, 8-Aug-09 9:25 am
I did not mean to offend you. I was only kidding with you. I do not know you, but you seem like a stand-up guy with... read more >
Mark, 8-Aug-09 12:23 pm
Brother, yeah you have a valid point i feel that the only solution is for the people to make it hard for MINUSTAH to... read more >
Black Red, 8-Aug-09 4:09 pm
J'ai lu votre commentaire et celle de l'autre individu (Zac). Mais la realite est que l'ONU ne peut pas aider Haiti si... read more >
Julien Harper, 8-Aug-09 11:20 pm
Mon frere, nous avons besoin de nous aider. regarde notre histoire notre Empereur JJ Dessaline a importe Africains de... read more >
Black Red, 9-Aug-09 9:01 am


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