Please welcome the newcomer

Mark - August 5 2009, 7:10 AM

Hello everyone!
I would like to introduce myself to this blog. My name is Toussaint Louverture, aka T.L. I have been following this blog for the past couple of days; reading many of the topics.

I found some of your discussions to be fascinating, and others, well for lack of better term "stupidly" thanks Mr. President.

Anyhow, I am glad that I have stumbled on this site bc I do not have many Haitian friends.

Like many of you I am haitian born and migrated here as a child.

I lived, and I went to school in BK, Ny. I am hoping to learn from you, as you will learn from me. This really is a great opportunity for all haitians to be able to share with one another their ideas, emotions, fraustrations, and excellences.

I must say that I did read some blogs which were quite disturbing.

I do not see any reason why anyone would want to make personal comments about others in this venue.

In my opinion this behavior is not attractive, and it is not welcomed to many who are hoping to change and galvanize the world.

Many of you seem particular bright, and no one should feel threatened by other's accomplishments, or lack thereof.

We all will reach our full potentials someday.

Finally, I look forward to having spirited debates, and discussions with you all.
Keep Haiti in your thought.

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Linda says...

Hello Mark, it is a pleasure to read such a polite well written post before I set out to work. Should we refer to you... more »

Zac says...

Hello Mark, this is coming from pure curiosity but are you a descendant of Toussaint Louverture or maybe from the same... more »

Mark says...

Yes I am a descendant of his, as we all are in our hearts. He is my hero, and admire his courage. I am waiting to meet... more »

Mark says...

Thank you Linda, I appreciate that. Mark is just fine. T.L is my hero, and I wish he was alive today. The diversity... more »

Linda says...

Actually Mark, it is partially because of what such great leaders as T & D did during the revolution that Haiti is... more »