Listen here, you two time loser, ignorant fool, you're so dumb...

Zac - August 2 2009, 11:28 AM

Listen here, you two time loser, ignorant fool, you're so dumb and stupid, so down in the gutter that you can't even tell when someone is joking.

The comment that i made about women was a joke. If you think Montressor is good enough to be your president that's you and I don't care, I believe in personally freedom.

But don't you come here questioning my character, talking about me being jealous negro you don't know me, you don't know where I'm from and you don't know where I'm going.

Jealousy is probably for people like you who have no future and is too stupid to come up with a decent plan for his life. That is why anybody with the most mediocre plan is able to take advantage of you.

If you were smart enough just by my writings you see the kind of man I am and that i need no favors, nothing from anybody.

Money, power, women, I am not startled by these things i leave that for you. I'm a quick learner I know how to navigate in the stagnant waters of these world.

I can make money through honest means, I don't need to steal, and I know how to attract the most beautiful women.

Dude what do you about power?

I love Haiti but nothing about Haiti would make me envious, there's no money there and power does not sit in Haiti.

While I was in High School I've been to conferences where I met sitting US senators, NBA basketball players, business leaders, representative from Ivy league schools like Princeton.

People who told me that we were the future leaders of the world.

I had the privilege of being in the same place with former president Jimmy Carter and former secretary of State Collin Powell once. So you see I think big because as young as i am I've been blessed enough to experience great things.

If I want to leave my imprint on this world it is because I've met people who shook the world.

But of course I don't expect you to understand that; you're looking down I'm looking up.

I've said this before there are leaders and then there are followers.

My close friend and I love politics he just got his bachelor degree in Political science and he's starting law school this fall. He wants to be involved in politics here in the US a few month ago he went to Washington where he met the speaker of the house (Nancy Pelosi) he has pictures and everything.

I wanted to follow the same path as him and enter into politics in the US but I said no the US has too many people already fighting for it. And Haiti needs more help that's why i've taken an interest in Haitian history I want to contribute to Haitian society.

I don't think the first black nation where I was born should go down defeated.

(lol) Dude I'm sitting here laughing man, everything you said is excusable why because you don't know who is on the other end of this computer.

But my advice to you is don't ever presume all Haitians are the same and that we all have experience the same things.

This is the internet.

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Zac, No wonder you don’t like and hate Montresor so...


Me le President aide moi s il vous plait

je m' appelle evena dieudonne,gestionnaire comptable.j'habite au mexique, je viens de terminer avec une specialisation...

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