My beloved and Mark, Please guys go a little easy on the guy...

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My beloved and Mark,

Please guys go a little easy on the guy. If you take a much closer look at the picture, you would notice that Preval is struggling with a "hangover."

Guys, for a moment, you seem to forget that Preval is an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is also a mental health disorder as well. When a person is an alcoholic, is judgment is impared, he is incapable to tell the difference between what is reality and what is not. This is what is going on with Preval.

Alcoholism is a disease that eats up/destroys one's brain cells.

Imagine the catastrophic impact alcoholism has on Preval who had only 2 cells left in his brain to begin with?

This is the kind of president we have running Haiti.

Half the time Preval doesn't know what day it is and where he is, the hallucination and the delusional disorders just take over his judgment.

I think Preval should take time away from the presidency or just resign so he could check himself to a rehab or attend an "AA 12-step program" for his own sake before it's too late.

Alcoholism is a serious disease and can kill if not treated.

Tiba, August 1 2009, 3:48 PM

Topic: Rene Preval, Jesse Jackson, and Fritz Longchamps at Palais National Haiti

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Linda, 1-Aug-09 11:48 am
My beloved and Mark, Please guys go a little easy on the guy. If you take a much closer look at the picture, you would... read more >
Tiba, 1-Aug-09 3:48 pm
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Jean P, 1-Aug-09 4:21 pm
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Jean P, 1-Aug-09 4:38 pm
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Linda, 1-Aug-09 4:46 pm
tout vye chien haiti yo rete yo fout mete preval president anko. Nap fout peri toubann langat manman nou. read more >
Merde, 16-Aug-09 7:15 pm
li sanble ak yon ti vagabon ak tout vye bab blanche li yo.radot la pote nom president, li pa konn sa yo rele protokol... read more >
Dave, 28-Aug-09 11:36 pm
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Bazile Judens, 17-Oct-09 9:04 am
Espece d'idiot, un president est une personne comme tout le monde, il n'est pas oblige de porter un veate tout le... read more >
Kiki, 18-Oct-09 11:01 pm
You guys talk to the President of Haiti like that? Where did yall go to school? Now I see why my dominican friend... read more >
Vladimyr, 5-Nov-09 8:47 pm
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