Hans D. I think we're backing on the wrong tree here. I don't...

Tiba - July 29 2009, 2:04 PM

Hans D.

I think we're backing on the wrong tree here.

I don't think for a minute that MINUSTAH is the problem in our country.

In my opinion, MINUSTAH is a guest/visitor in our country invited by Preval and all of his cronies, and by default took over the country for they have the big guns on hand.

Hans D. we, Haitians, are the problems of our own country because we are the ones who keep electing over and over again these same dumb, intellectually bankcrupt, brain dead cadidates who don't give a rat *ss about Haiti into office.

And we keep reelecting them into office because we are too incompetent, too mediocre, and too uninformed to recognize an incompetent and mediocre, and uninformed candidate.

A competent, well informed people would not have NEVER elected Preval into the presidency a second time even if Preval was the last man standing in Haiti.

I would rather elect the cave man as president.

Preval was prime minister and did not accomplish the smallest thing for Haiti.

Preval became president a first time and did not achieved one little thing for Haiti.

Haitians should have know better NOT to elect him once again, in 2006, to the presidency.

It is absurd, dumb, stupid, and plain incompetence.

As a people, we get what we paid/bargained for! and, now the question is, how we're going to undo this big mistake in 2011?

This is why they are so much against "dual citizenship" so they can keep getting relected over and over again by those same people who can't tell the difference.

Knowledge is power!


When is the revolution coming?

After reading this Stanley Lucas boy *UNHAITIAN* activities After seeing those MINUSTAH boys walking our streets...

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