we need to learn to work together in haiti!

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We are the champion in coup d'état in Haiti.

How far can we go, with that kind of mentality.

Why we have so many political parties in Haiti?

Those politicians what are they doing for the country?

In Canada we have three major parties in that enough.

In USA they have two. We need to stop destroying our country.

We cannot move forward if we are not stable, it is something simple.

After Duvalier fled to Paris in 1986, why can't we make the country more stable.

We need also to stop blaming the West for our failure.

Stop saying is because the Americans, the Canadians, and the French that created the problem that we are facing in Haiti.

If we can work together and repect each other, no one could come in our country to remove our seating and elected president.

Think about that Sisters and Brothers.


Doncarlos, July 27 2009, 7:23 AM

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