The truth about Preval 's first term

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Can you even name the region or the department where the roads were built?

How come the engineers did a so poor job and not been held accountable?

Can you cite the names of the students who went to study abroad with the financial assistance of Preval's government?

Do not mention the communist Cuba.

How come he forget to rebuild cite soleil where his chimeres live?.

If your goal is to be the lawyer of the devil you will need to bring accurate facts.

Do not come up with stories to put children at sleep.

Preval first term will be remembered for human rights violation, tortures and killings of political opponents (Pastor Leroy of Hubert Deronceray political party), Major Louis of the Haitian Marine.

He is remembered for fighting with the Parliament.

At the end He will govern by decrees.


He is the man of "investigations for ever" The murders of Colonel Jean Lamy, of the senator Toussaint of the journalist Jean Dominique and of Father Ti Jean will never been investigated.

He interfered with the judicial system.

Haiti became poorer and more corrupted under his administration.

Health care, public education were suffering.

There were no answers for the lack of potable water and the absence of electricity,

He could not do anything without the blessing of Aristide.

He is best known for his speech :Naje poun sòti".

That means He was totally irresponsible and ignorant.

He is back to power because the chimeres and the kidnappers took the streets and forced the CEP to violate its own rules.

He has not changed.

He is the same man. Under his administration, Haiti will loose five more years.

Let's wait and see. 2011 will say who is right.

Trebu Patriote, March 2 2007, 8:20 PM


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Can you even name the region or the department where the roads were built? How come the engineers did a so poor job... read more >
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