PleaseGive a break to President Preval!

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Je me pose souvent cette question a savoir: pourquoi jusqu'a present y a-t-il tant de tumultes au sein des politiciens haitiens en depit de tout ce qui s'est deja passe auparavant?Eske se a la maniere de papa doc nou ta doue retounin pou tout moun-n ka pran main yo?you're always saying that the international community stops the Country from way of progress but when we make an analyse about the situation we come to the point that all haitians people are responsible for the bad posture of the country especially the leftistes in the diaspora and those who live in haiti{the so called Nationalists and democrats} caused this pain to Haiti and try to put the blame on:US, Canada and France.Come on you are out of your mind:Leave the President alone, Let's put our Hands together to rebuild Haiti.

JeanRobert Bastien.

Jeanrobert Bastien, July 23 2009, 4:37 PM

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