I read your post twice and that's why I responded twice. I...

Zac - July 23 2009, 7:23 AM

I read your post twice and that's why I responded twice.

I guess you didn't read the second one. What I am saying is you cannot say that his experiences were not what he says they were. You haven't walked in the man's shoes.

You cannot look at the world only through your own personal experiences.

That's called being narrow-minded.

Maybe your parents treated their restavecs humanely but doesn't mean that everybody else does that. And just because somebody becomes a doctor or get married that doesn't mean his childhood was peachy.

I'm not from Port-au-Prince I only spent 3 months there when i was getting ready to move the US. M'se neg province ak an'deyo (vrai neg morn lol) if you know what i mean.

I used to share my time between province and the country side. I have witnessed how a lot of people treat their restavecs and the way the beat them. I've learned Haitians can be very cruel to children.

In the country side they don't usually send those kids to school.

In the provinces sometimes people send their restavecs to school in the afternoon once they're done with all their chores.

Most people don't care about these kids they don't show them any kind of affection.

They don't get to eat like everybody else they always come last and they're always dirty.

Honestly I think this is a real problem for Haiti and I think the government needs to address that.

Am I happy that CNN showed that on TV of course not, I'm ashamed of something like that. But I think it's important that we are honest with ourselves and address the matter and find a way to end this. The nation that abolished slavery should not enslave its young children.

Maybe you're a bourgie or perhaps a member of the Hatian aristocracy if there is such a thing, and maybe you never saw the other side of it; but for a lot of young Haitians this is reality and it is slavery.

That fool (Jean-Robert) that you said you despise is doing something noble by helping those kids and shedding light on the situation.

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