It is so sad to see how haitian continue to humiliate their...

00000 - July 22 2009, 11:24 PM

It is so sad to see how haitian continue to humiliate their brothers and sister while on this blog. I do not know how to write either even I have a bachelor in science.

that doens't mean I'm not good in math. I dind't give it a dam when one of my teacher with a phd will never write a word on the board because he has a spelling problem.

We live in a country where the institution worry about people performance and could even hire a subcontract to revise what is missing.

You can not talk about changes when we haitian we do not change our perception.

Treating others badly.

I know in haiti we call those that do not go to school imbecil and this kind of behavior repeat on the blog it is time for us to change.

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Great English! I see that you have mastered the...


to my president

hi my president rene preval,how you doing my name worlinsky louis,rene i realy love your work you done, i addor you...

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