So today it is not the time for us to keep talking about good...

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So today it is not the time for us to keep talking about good or bad picture when we should have better thing to look at than just the beautiful picture when we should focus on the bad weather that would strike the country and the peoples dont have no foods no waters no place to live like what happen in Cabaret in Gonaive leogane and many places that has been innounded by the neggligent of the haitian government who dont care too much about the people in this country .So SINPREU YOU SHOULD TALK TO YOUR AUTORITY to let them know that things cannot continue like that where even with the UN in the country nothing change why?so talk to me about the situation of hungry peoples in haiti so I want to ask this question what do UN is doing in this country if they are a failure why should they continue to pretend that they are here to help us yes help us doing what ride around all day in the air condition and the peoples are dying hungry around the country side so SIMPREUX why the haitian government never wants to have the census of this country since we were small we heard our grand pa talking about 8 million peoples as the gross national population why?so talk to me about the ressecement for this country to me this is a shame so talk to Preval about that when they are going to tell the nation the truth about the total of the population thank you God bless SO SORRY ABOUT THAT i DONT HAVE A WWW EMAIL ASTRE FRANCOIS {ODL}

Astre Francois, July 22 2009, 2:51 PM

Topic: Rene Preval, Jesse Jackson, and Fritz Longchamps at Palais National Haiti

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ho t rene ou pa ta fe sa konsa ou vin rekontre Jesse Jackson, And Fritz Longchamps...ou tap met yon kostum,veste pran... read more >
Rene Preval Sangwen, 14-May-09 2:59 pm
hi, je suis heureux d'avoir un pri¿½sident qui prend plaisir i¿½ la souffrance de son peuple,qui continue i¿... read more >
Mervilus Mardoche, 9-Jul-09 8:55 am
Hello, I am very disappointed with the way he's dressed in the picture. To me he does not look like a head of... read more >
P. Valiere, 14-Jul-09 7:19 am
The way I used to see to him before, He looks fine in this picture. read more >
Pippo, 14-Jul-09 11:31 am
SO GOOD AFTERNOON TO AND THE OTHERS WHOI ARE WITH YOU IN THE HAITIAN this is not good when the haitian... read more >
Astre Francois, 17-Jul-09 12:23 pm
So bonjour Mr le president Rene gacia preval chef en son bureau.Mr le president nous sommes les reprentant du cmmite... read more >
Francois Astre, 17-Jul-09 12:44 pm
Ce site N'appartient pas a Preval. read more >
The Man, 17-Jul-09 4:50 pm
So today it is not the time for us to keep talking about good or bad picture when we should have better thing to look... read more >
Astre Francois, 22-Jul-09 2:51 pm
Nonsense! give the president a break. Haiti is a hot country. After all he is the one receiving he can put on... read more >
Lanj Andre, 31-Jul-09 8:44 am
The president does not look presedential. In this photo he doesn't seem to have a command presence. As a courtesy for... read more >
Mark, 1-Aug-09 7:19 am
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