so good afternoon to and the others whoi are with you in the...

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SO GOOD AFTERNOON TO AND THE OTHERS WHOI ARE WITH YOU IN THE HAITIAN PALACE .so this is not good when the haitian parliamentary keep talking about salaire minimum for the employees who already have a job but what do think about those who dont have a job what do you have for them to eat ...die hungry or steal some one thing just to have a hot meal a day this is not good for the nation personality also the parliament keep talking about budget rectificatif and annual budget how that could be when all the institution who suppose to make money for the nation 's need all are cloced such as EDH, TELECO, CAMEP PLUS THERE IS NO TAXE SUR LES SALAIRES NO PERCEPTION ON THE MARCHANDES des produits de premiere necessity so to me this a joke gouvernement where no is care this the reason why even crisis after crisis the number of the population stay the same since 2 decades no ressecement have ever done so that kids in school can know how many is their nation's population is by doing the census in section communale to know exactly how many peoples left after the drame at citee soleil how many peoples who die and here how many we have left after the drame of lavalas in the country so to me this too careless and too ignoring in a country where they call themselves having a gouvernement so tell me why peoples in the outside the country have to live dogs and cats in the forets hill so this is not good for the respect of the good citizens in the country this kind of living affect us all so we need to make correction if not we talk to the American commitee to see what we can do to change the peoples's life in this poor land ...also about the 40dollars for the minimum salary for the poor employees until now cannot be voted why?Why ?this is not at all the time you have to favor friends sometime you have to forget friends and do what you have to do it and the way you supoose to do it but not by favor favor at all the time this have to be finished question friendship friendship at all the time so I wait forb your answer

Astre Francois, July 17 2009, 12:23 PM

Topic: Rene Preval, Jesse Jackson, and Fritz Longchamps at Palais National Haiti

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ho t rene ou pa ta fe sa konsa ou vin rekontre Jesse Jackson, And Fritz Longchamps...ou tap met yon kostum,veste pran... read more >
Rene Preval Sangwen, 14-May-09 2:59 pm
hi, je suis heureux d'avoir un pri¿½sident qui prend plaisir i¿½ la souffrance de son peuple,qui continue i¿... read more >
Mervilus Mardoche, 9-Jul-09 8:55 am
Hello, I am very disappointed with the way he's dressed in the picture. To me he does not look like a head of... read more >
P. Valiere, 14-Jul-09 7:19 am
The way I used to see to him before, He looks fine in this picture. read more >
Pippo, 14-Jul-09 11:31 am
SO GOOD AFTERNOON TO AND THE OTHERS WHOI ARE WITH YOU IN THE HAITIAN this is not good when the haitian... read more >
Astre Francois, 17-Jul-09 12:23 pm
So bonjour Mr le president Rene gacia preval chef en son bureau.Mr le president nous sommes les reprentant du cmmite... read more >
Francois Astre, 17-Jul-09 12:44 pm
Ce site N'appartient pas a Preval. read more >
The Man, 17-Jul-09 4:50 pm
So today it is not the time for us to keep talking about good or bad picture when we should have better thing to look... read more >
Astre Francois, 22-Jul-09 2:51 pm
Nonsense! give the president a break. Haiti is a hot country. After all he is the one receiving he can put on... read more >
Lanj Andre, 31-Jul-09 8:44 am
The president does not look presedential. In this photo he doesn't seem to have a command presence. As a courtesy for... read more >
Mark, 1-Aug-09 7:19 am
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