Any President or Prime minister who allows himself to be...

Zac - July 14 2009, 5:13 PM

Any President or Prime minister who allows himself to be manipulated by others is weak and should never have been president or Prime minister.

Man I'm telling you, if i was president or prime minister of Haiti.

I would play the US and the internationally community like a puppet.

I would do it so cunningly, so deviously they would think they are the ones running Haiti, that i was merely a servant.

I would get France to pay Haiti back that money they stole after the revolution with interest.

And I would do it all diplomatically with a smile on my face. Politics and diplomacy is not about stumping your little feet and throwing a tantrum.

It's all about being swift and slick.

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Tiba, I know it iwas joke but I called it a killer...


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And, Zac, that i the truth about politics; it's all...

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