RE: Haiti The Fear Of Superstition

Zac Says...

Any President or Prime minister who allows himself to be manipulated by others is weak and should never have been president or Prime minister.

Man I'm telling you, if i was president or prime minister of Haiti.

I would play the US and the internationally community like a puppet.

I would do it so cunningly, so deviously they would think they are the ones running Haiti, that i was merely a servant.

I would get France to pay Haiti back that money they stole after the revolution with interest.

And I would do it all diplomatically with a smile on my face. Politics and diplomacy is not about stumping your little feet and throwing a tantrum.

It's all about being swift and slick.

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LOL, I Didn't Know About The Voodoo Priest And The War Between Haiti And The Dominican Republic. I Must Tell You I Really Had A Good Laugh When I Read It. Thank You And Thank For Commenting On The Issue Citizen Palafoi 09/08/2009
You Are To Be Commended For Bringing This Issue Up And Addressing It. It Is A Long Tradition In Haiti Resulting In Something That Has Haunted The Nation To This Very Date And It Goes Back To War Haiti Had With... Rkgs 09/08/2009
Hi,Thats Not Something To Brag About,We Haitian People Should Be Ashame Of Ourself,Thats Madness,That Is So Not Tech,Please Magychelle 09/08/2009
Hi,I Dont Know Wich Part Of Haiti U From Or Maybe U Came In Usa At An Early Age But Let Me Tell U One Thing,That Shit Is Real,Beleive It Or Not Its Real K Magychelle 09/08/2009
Lavaud, WWWWWWWWhat? I Don't Mean To Be Disrespectful But Was I Suppose To Understand This. Maybe I Missed One Of Your Post And That's Why I Cannot Figure Out What It Is You Are Trying To Say. I Am Not Being Funny Now... Linda 07/14/2009
And, Zac, That I The Truth About Politics; It's All About Being Able To Play The Game Better Than The Next Guy. Linda 07/14/2009
Linda, I Understand But You Don't Get It. We Are In America And The Rest In Haiti. I Hope You See The Length Of The Gap Between Their Socialization. Our FADH Had Greater Mission For Haiti Than What You Know Like C.I.A... Lavaud Hold Desmoulins 07/14/2009
Any President Or Prime Minister Who Allows Himself To Be Manipulated By Others Is Weak And Should Never Have Been President Or Prime Minister. Man I'm Telling You, If I Was President Or Prime Minister Of Haiti. I Would... Zac 07/14/2009
Tiba, Each Time I'm In Haiti, My Research Shows That Missionaries Do So Much Harm To The Haitian People's Self Esteem That They Undermine All Social Development In The Country. I Believe That It Is The Work Of These... Linda 07/14/2009
Tiba, I Know It Iwas Joke But I Called It A Killer Joke. You Know How Frivolous Villain Politicians May Go Around With It. Therefore, I Think It Was Abusive. This Kind Of Joke Is Too Dangerous For The Miserable... Lavaud Hold Desmoulins 07/14/2009