The way I used to see to him before, He looks fine in this...

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The way I used to see to him before, He looks fine in this picture.

Pippo, July 14 2009, 11:31 AM

Topic: Rene Preval, Jesse Jackson, and Fritz Longchamps at Palais National Haiti

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ho t rene ou pa ta fe sa konsa ou vin rekontre Jesse Jackson, And Fritz Longchamps...ou tap met yon kostum,veste pran... read more >
Rene Preval Sangwen, 14-May-09 2:59 pm
hi, je suis heureux d'avoir un pri¿½sident qui prend plaisir i¿½ la souffrance de son peuple,qui continue i¿... read more >
Mervilus Mardoche, 9-Jul-09 8:55 am
Hello, I am very disappointed with the way he's dressed in the picture. To me he does not look like a head of... read more >
P. Valiere, 14-Jul-09 7:19 am
The way I used to see to him before, He looks fine in this picture. read more >
Pippo, 14-Jul-09 11:31 am
SO GOOD AFTERNOON TO AND THE OTHERS WHOI ARE WITH YOU IN THE HAITIAN this is not good when the haitian... read more >
Astre Francois, 17-Jul-09 12:23 pm
So bonjour Mr le president Rene gacia preval chef en son bureau.Mr le president nous sommes les reprentant du cmmite... read more >
Francois Astre, 17-Jul-09 12:44 pm
Ce site N'appartient pas a Preval. read more >
The Man, 17-Jul-09 4:50 pm
So today it is not the time for us to keep talking about good or bad picture when we should have better thing to look... read more >
Astre Francois, 22-Jul-09 2:51 pm
Nonsense! give the president a break. Haiti is a hot country. After all he is the one receiving he can put on... read more >
Lanj Andre, 31-Jul-09 8:44 am
The president does not look presedential. In this photo he doesn't seem to have a command presence. As a courtesy for... read more >
Mark, 1-Aug-09 7:19 am
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