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Trebu Patriote - February 28 2007, 2:53 AM

The President you are talking about is the same guy who was President from 1996-2001

He was there already and the Haitian people has seen nothing new.

He was there just to keep the power for his boss: Jean Bertrand Aristide.

He had to go to Tabarre for any decision.

He behaved like a scared child.

It was the first time in the Haitian history we saw a man with such a lack of character and personality.

During this period nothing was done. Can you remember something positive accomplished during this term.

The black out has not improved during those five years.

The litteracy rate has stayed the same. Malnourished children and pregnant women were dying by hundreds in the remote areas.

Potable water was a scarce resource in the city as well as in the rural villages.

The peasants and the farmers did not get any assistance to improve the national production.

Dependency on imported goods ( rice, chicken wings, sugar, corn had to come from Miami).

The public administration was envaded by the chimères of Aristide with no qualifications whatsoever.

The President Preval was an irresponsible.

He did not know how to face a national tragedy: visiting the families who have lost their loved ones at seas between La Gonave and Port-au-Prince, he gave the most repugnant speech.

You remember his famous: NAJE POU'N SOTI"

Yes, He is the only President who stayed in Haiti after his term. Do you know why?

Because as Aristide "restavèk", he was rewarded.

He was rewarded because he kept the power for Aristide.

He never had the courage to say no. Like a dog he was taking orders from his master.

For his obedience, he was allowed to go to Marmelade to live in peacfully and quietly.

He was not allowed to comment the political situation.

When Aristide was becoming the Caligula of the twenty-first century, He never said nothing.

Everybody was asking:"where is Preval"?

In fact Aristide did not like him. Aristide always thought that Preval was stupid.

Last December, Aristide called him :"traitor".

Today there is some success in the fight against the kidnappings because the Minustah has taken things in its hands.

Realizing The President, his Prime Minister and the kidnappers eat at the same table, The Minustah has taken the side of the Haitian People.

The Preval of 2006-2011 is the same Preval of 1996-2001.

We will loose five more years and Haiti will remain the poorest country in the western hemisphere and the most corrupted nation of the world.

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The electricy issue has been going on for a while...



Mon excellence,i have to thank you first for taking the time to stop leaving the wonderful and peaceful life you were...

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From 1996 to 2001, for the first time in our history...

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