Linda my beloved, I know what Danticat work is about even...

Tiba - July 12 2009, 7:32 PM

Linda my beloved,

I know what Danticat work is about even though I have never read any of her books.

By the way, my beloved just between you and me, the truth is I don't like to read because I was forced to read too much when I was growing up in Haiti.

Please don't tell anyone, not even Zac, lol.

Linda I was only trying to answer to Zac request of Danticat's work assuming that he(Zac) thought that he could learn more about the history of Haiti from Danticat's work.

That's why I said some of her work talks about "Jacmel" where she's from but nothing about the real history of Haiti.

Danticat'work is not about Haiti and that Danticat is more of a "story teller."

PS. the right Creole spelling of crik-crak is "Krik-krak." You were on the right track though.

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Tiba, not everyone needs to be a social scientist...

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