Develomentblind Haiti?

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My heart bleeds when I realise that the concetp of development remains in the perifery of our national psyche.

We don't think in true developing term. We design small projects and receive small money for them.

I have heard any project of character taking place Haiti for a very long time. Not even the idea of good stadium is broadcasted.

We have to try to move out of smallness mentality to embrace the reality of the new context of development.

We don't even have a University campus, but we are completely distracted by the idea of just eating ameal.

We simply embrace the politics of a plate of rice. As long as we have rice in town, that is enough development.

We are preparing for a major competition, but we negociate insignificant friendly matches.

We lack the boldness that accompany real vision because we do not have real vision.

Because we pretend to be a nation, our international friends simply pretend to support us.

It is understandable :a country with small projects receives small supports.

Jamaica is not big, but they go after big projects without money and before you open your eyes they have highways throughtout the entire Island.

Everybody see en opportunity to envest because they see goverments who are confident enough to engage in the language of sustainable development with its allies.

We must start looking into real development, not small presidential projects, but please start with education.


Louinel Jean, February 27 2007, 7:58 PM

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