Haiti the failing State?

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Greetings my fellow Haitian,

Haiti the failing state?

History will always repeat itself; the same way you get it is the same way you lose it. I love the great bloody land of Haiti and many of us over 40 years old will not see change in our life time but what about little Jean-Jean who's just turn 5 years old. What about the future of the country.

It has been said that Haiti no longer have slavery but 48% of the adult population are still not free because of the lack of education.

Our congress and our senator lack of the experience and Idea for the country, and our brothers and sisters are suffering because of it.

You guys have lots of energy on telling someone he's wrong or right, I agree or disagree and so on. Let's try something different let's put the future of the country first.

You guys are on the right track but we are wasting to much time on the negative or the past. In a country like Haiti you will not see any change any time soon, but it's the deal that are taking place right now that will determine the future of Haiti.

Let's focus our energy on the long-term goal for Haiti and as you all know short-term goals are just short-term goal. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT IF YOU CAN'T TELL ME YOUR PLAN FOR THE GREAT LAND OF HAITI.

I would appreciate if you can follow this simple rule.

The best you all,
Jean Batiste
One man is not team.

Jean Batiste, February 27 2007, 10:42 AM

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