Tiba, you asked me in the other post where I've been, because...

Linda - July 11 2009, 2:19 PM

Tiba, you asked me in the other post where I've been, because I hadn't posted much. Well, Tiba, the point you make here is the reason that I've completely given up on Haiti.

My nation used to be filled with people with pride.

Now, most Haitians seem to be belly crawling, spineless, Negroes.

The truth is that I don't even want to think much about Haiti anymore.

Everything that made Haiti special is now history.

The white man will probably help us; but isn't that what they always wanted--to bring Haiti to its knees because we kicked their butts years ago. Welcome to the new Haiti.

Its disgusting.

(At least the white hero character in this Haitian movie is someone who, I believe, has always cared about black people)

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