Zac, No, I am not portraying Toussaint Louverture as a coward...

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No, I am not portraying Toussaint Louverture as a coward, but rather as an uncle Tom with no back bones.

Zac, understand that, while acknowledgment must be given to Toussaint and the admiration he earned from the Haitian people, white people are the ones who gave Toussaint Louverture to the Haitian people as their authentic hero. And why?

You may ask!

Simple, the true of the reality is white people have no love, no admiration, mercy, and simpathy for any black person who choses or uses violence on them to get freedom or some type of revendication from white people.

And so is the case between these 2 men: Toussaint Louverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

White people love Toussaint Louverture and have immense admiration for the man because of Toussaint's non-violence Martin Luther King's likes strategy to end slavery while Dessalines chose and used violence, which was the bloodiest war in the history of the world ever. And therefore, white people chose Toussaint over Dessalines and consequently gave him to Haitians as their only true hero.

You know very well Haitian put all of their trust, respect, loyalty and admiration on white people, the master, so they accept Toussaint Louverture as their only real hero because the master said so.

Haven't you noticed everywhere you may go, everybody, whites, blacks, and Haitians talk only about Toussaint Louverture and not one word ever said about Dessalines?

Dessalines, who was the one to break the chain of slavery from every single one Haitian's ankle, and yet, he is the most hated, the most put down, and the least appreaciated and recognized by Haitians.


Because the white man, the master, told them to.

Uncle Dessalines is my real true hero!

Tiba, July 10 2009, 5:32 PM

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Tiba, 10-Jul-09 5:32 pm
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Tiba, 10-Jul-09 5:56 pm
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