Hello how are you, my name is cophy, my opinions with mis...

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Hello how are you, my name is cophy, my opinions with mis derscouyang renepreval
I dont think preval, know istoric of haiti, why preval president of haiti he dont Have personality, why preval act like animal, why preval have animal face why Preval dont have caracteristic why preval restavec, ok for me i am student kaplan University, if i become president of haiti, i dont care about american money i Care about of haiti, i back to you preval, preval you dont know your job let me Tell you your job your is persecter come in mon barac, i need you live haiti you cannot be president of haiti, cause you dont know your country historic
I need haitians people please stand up, let preval go live haiti, cause preval se Yon rat qui mouri preval santi, we need some like javes presit of venezuela, some One have a good caracter, president cannot be restavec, cause you president, why people vote for some one like preval, dont know historic of haiti, job for preval Work with becry make some good bread, and persecter, let tell you my friends i Send one car to haiti the smal car auto year 98 i pay$4,000 miragoan, for that year 98 I need haitian military stand up let preval go with his ponk clinton
Cause 1994 clinton send million military to haiti i dont like clinton, i dont Like preval, cause preval dont know historic of haiti is no good fo haiti we need
Some one like jean duvalier, no preval please if clinton stay an haiti i will do Some thing about it, cause i am 100%haitian please kic out clinton with acupetion
We dont need acupetion we need some can breing haiti cheri back no restavec aba preval aba clinton, we need haitian military back marine haitiene leopa no clinton no preval we need back to jean claud of haiti?

Thank you my name cophy

Herold Cophy, July 10 2009, 11:44 AM

Topic: President Preval Drives President Clinton

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That is a shame, how come Preval does not have a private chauffer or a limo... for the former president to ride in, or... read more >
Rza, 10-Jul-09 7:44 am
I think it's cool to see two presidents, president preval and president clinton, taking a drive in Haiti. I am sure... read more >
Ti Mal, 10-Jul-09 8:16 am
Luko Adjaffi, 10-Jul-09 9:34 am
I trovre that this is a proof of love, brotherhood and unity, there is nothing wrong in the. read more >
Beni Soinite, 10-Jul-09 10:02 am
it's funny to see preval driving clinton read more >
Balthazar, 10-Jul-09 10:55 am
You think so, i dont know... maybe. yea there were alot of UN around i saw some of the pics on yahoo. read more >
Rza, 10-Jul-09 11:08 am
The President of Haiti is now Slick Willie's driver. Now Preval has a real job he is Bill Clinton's driver. joe... read more >
Joe Gourgue, 10-Jul-09 11:08 am
de chyen ki chita YO MET TET YO ANSANM POU KRAZE TI PEYI DAYITI read more >
Ralph, 10-Jul-09 11:38 am
Hello how are you,my name is cophy,my opinions with mis derscouyang renepreval I dont think preval,know istoric of... read more >
Herold Cophy, 10-Jul-09 11:44 am
What's really a shame is listening to Haitians who are still living in the dark ages with a primitive thinking... read more >
Tiba, 10-Jul-09 1:26 pm
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