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Cher compatriote...I wasn't trying to congratulate the president, i couldn't because i hardly know the man.However, im a proud haitian who's willing to try anything and everything to help my country to become a peacefull place for all haitians to visit come vacation time.That we do not have to go to jamaica or Brasil when we get tired.Give the man some credit(president),he's only been in office for no more than a year, you even said it"everything cant be done at once".we have a major issue in our hands right now, it will take a good 10 years before we can even start to breath some good did however have some good points in your response to me.i do agree that not having electricity isn't really an alternative for the president because without electricity there go our "SECURITY".Also, installing a couple of tolls in the country will help fix the roads and many more things.

by the way if your cousin is feeling guilty for not having to pay toll, he could always give his 10% to God.On the security issue, it's never going to be easy for any president even Bill Clinton to fix easily.You must remember my friend,"a man without food and education is a dangerous man"and haiti have a lot of them.Not to disrespect anyone but it's a fact. To put an end to my response to you, Haiti does have someone who can govern, we just have to help him out."It's not what your country can do for you, it's what can you do for your country.IT'S TIME TO ACT, LET'S STOP ALL THE TALKING.

Fritz Guerrier, February 26 2007, 11:15 PM


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This man has been in office for almost one year, and the haitian people still don't have electricity, no security, no... read more >
Diverluss Newyork, 26-Feb-07 9:33 pm
Cher compatriote...I wasn't trying to congratulate the president,i couldn't because i hardly know the man.However,im a... read more >
Fritz Guerrier, 26-Feb-07 11:15 pm
One more thing,bringing the army back is really not a good option.All the country need is for the police force to be... read more >
Fritz Guerrier, 26-Feb-07 11:21 pm
The electricy issue has been going on for a while. The country has other emergencies like the kidnapping around the... read more >
Robert Magic, 27-Feb-07 7:10 am
The President you are talking about is the same guy who was President from 1996-2001 He was there already and the... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 28-Feb-07 2:53 am
I gave up on this blog, this guy only know about Aristide and preval.He disgruntled at best, you need to quit, my... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 28-Feb-07 10:41 am
Amen,police,God are not going to fight the dominicans when they decide to invade and occupy Haiti, the only reason... read more >
Llyod, 28-Feb-07 2:14 pm
I don't believe anyone should waste there energy on anybody that's not for the benefit of Haiti. Saying this or that... read more >
Jean Batiste, 28-Feb-07 2:14 pm
bondieu ap sove nous! Bondieu sove moun ke bevzien sove. la pere avec nous tout! Jean Batiste read more >
Jean Batiste, 28-Feb-07 2:18 pm
Tell me y in da world the Dominican would want to invade haiti?Do you really blieve they would try something like... read more >
Fritz Guerrier, 28-Feb-07 10:42 pm
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