good job bill and preval

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Luko Adjaffi, July 10 2009, 9:34 AM

Topic: President Preval Drives President Clinton

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That is a shame, how come Preval does not have a private chauffer or a limo... for the former president to ride in, or... read more >
Rza, 10-Jul-09 7:44 am
I think it's cool to see two presidents, president preval and president clinton, taking a drive in Haiti. I am sure... read more >
Ti Mal, 10-Jul-09 8:16 am
Luko Adjaffi, 10-Jul-09 9:34 am
I trovre that this is a proof of love, brotherhood and unity, there is nothing wrong in the. read more >
Beni Soinite, 10-Jul-09 10:02 am
it's funny to see preval driving clinton read more >
Balthazar, 10-Jul-09 10:55 am
You think so, i dont know... maybe. yea there were alot of UN around i saw some of the pics on yahoo. read more >
Rza, 10-Jul-09 11:08 am
The President of Haiti is now Slick Willie's driver. Now Preval has a real job he is Bill Clinton's driver. joe... read more >
Joe Gourgue, 10-Jul-09 11:08 am
de chyen ki chita YO MET TET YO ANSANM POU KRAZE TI PEYI DAYITI read more >
Ralph, 10-Jul-09 11:38 am
Hello how are you,my name is cophy,my opinions with mis derscouyang renepreval I dont think preval,know istoric of... read more >
Herold Cophy, 10-Jul-09 11:44 am
What's really a shame is listening to Haitians who are still living in the dark ages with a primitive thinking... read more >
Tiba, 10-Jul-09 1:26 pm
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