I don't fully understand your comment. It seems you're talking...

Zac - July 10 2009, 8:34 AM

I don't fully understand your comment.

It seems you're talking about Haiti having two presidents as in Rene Preval and Bill Clinton.

If you are implying that Bill Clinton is going to Haiti get rich then I will say that you're dead wrong.

I do have reservations about Bill Clinton going to Haiti as a UN special envoy.

But there is one thing I know for sure as a former president of the United States Bill Clinton will never stoop down to a level where he steals money from Haiti.

He's not going there to get rich, he's already rich. But not only that, a man like Bill Clinton cares about his reputation and legacy, things that Haitians policians lack. ti degoudan Haiti gen nan poch li ya pap sezi Bill Clinton.

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Gwo Lorbeyyy! Clinton' s office in Palais National

Source: haiti-observateur.net Haiti Observateur (magazine) La vraie mission de l'ex-président William Jefferson...

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Zac, Please do me a favor, will you? Stop rationalize...

I strongly agree wit you, you are completely right....

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