I hate when Haitian "ap voye monte konsa a" I am, except for a...

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I hate when Haitian "ap voye monte konsa a" I am, except for a small difference, in the same position like you. However, I don't buy that ballony of learning Creole as an adult, unless your parents were so snob that they would have ceased all communication in Creole between them.

Another thing, if you are still speaking French like the old way, you should be able to use it when you are the speaker in a conferences.

You chose to speak English that's because you want to appear more americanized than Haitianized.

In Montreal, which is a French city, my work environment has always been English, an I use it twelve hours a day (much more than Creole and French), but I still write and speak fluently in both languages.

I am not going to let my ego makes me think that foreign cultures must take over mine.The fact of being able to immerse myself into alien customs, doesn't mean I must allow them to overpower mine. I am a Canadian by naturalization, but I am still a full fledge Haitian who will cling to his native tongue and to his ancestors value while being able to feel at ease whenever he finds himself inside his host country society.

As for Haiti to become an american territory, I think some of you who are pleased with that must be really delusional.

No wonder that the people back home are so suspicious about the Diaspora: you are a danger for our survival as a nation and contry.

Rodfel2001, July 7 2009, 5:55 PM

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I hate when Haitian "ap voye monte konsa a" I am, except for a small difference, in the same position like you... read more >
Rodfel2001, 7-Jul-09 5:55 pm
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