Thank you so much Mary for your understanding, What I was...

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Thank you so much Mary for your understanding,

What I was written come from the deepest bottom of my heart.

I live right outside of my country and that gives me great opportunity to value Haiti and manisfest greatest desire to serve my people.

Prayer is one but action is another and I am ready to start.

I am helping right now youngters in the Turks and caicos Islands in getting good education but without a right status to do more. As I told you earlier, Turks really needs a Haitian office which can deal with certain social issues.

As for Haiti, I just need to meet President Preval and talk to him about haitian tomorrow.

President needs to give the diapora a chance to invest their knowledge into the Haiti development.

I love Haiti AND I want to serve my people.

If you know any contact to reach President PrevAL, LET ME KNOW.

It is time for Haiti to open a door of a complete security that well educated Haitians might go back home and serve their country.

We could continue to send them away for good professionel skills and get back home.

lift your voice and say with me as Barack Obama would say, Change! we can!

yours truly,

Dorcinvil Wilkesse, July 7 2009, 2:51 PM

Topic: why not all well educated haitians get back to Haiti

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Thank you so much Mary for your understanding, What I was written come from the deepest bottom of my heart. I live... read more >
Dorcinvil Wilkesse, 7-Jul-09 2:51 pm
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Maria, 8-Jul-09 3:50 am
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Nunu, 4-Dec-09 7:16 pm
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Jean Pe On Facebook, 5-Dec-09 1:15 am
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Nunu, 5-Dec-09 4:04 am
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