RE: Clinton Wants His Haiti Office In Palais National

William Evens Josma Says...

I like this Post. President Clinton is a great Guy may be he will put some since in Preval's head and keep him from drinking 24/7. after all why dont we just ask him to take control since preval is not doing anything for my people.

I met president Clinton In 05 in Key West Fl, we had a little talk about Haiti.

I never met someone who love Haiti like President Clinton, one thing I can say is that changes are coming my People, Changes are coming.

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Why He Wants An Office In Palais National, Does He Have Something Important He's Going To Do? Haiti Can't Take Two Presidents Thank You!! Djoe 07/07/2009
Thank You So Much For Such Information, I Hope You Are Real Aboutthese Informations. No Problem To Have President Cliton Office In The White Haitian House But How Many Skillfull Haitians Police That Will Watch Over... Mr. Dorcinvil Wilkesse 07/07/2009
Tout Le Monde Aimerait Voir Qu'il Y Ait Un Changement Dans Ce Pays De Destructions. Nous Qui Sommes Ici Aux Etats-Unis Nous Menons Une Vie Paisible Et Nous Mettons Toutes Nos Connaissances Au Service Du Pays Qu Nous... Child Of God 07/07/2009
I Do Not Any Problem, Whatsoever, With That. What Ever The Possible Excuses We Can Use, We Have Been Mooving Backwards For Too Long. Our Clinics And Hospitals Have No Supplies; Our Streets Are Filty Where Garbages Are... Barevoleyo 07/07/2009
Yes, Yes, And Yes... Way To Go Mr President... Then Our Country Will Change Forever... Tony 07/07/2009
Jean-francoisturenne 07/07/2009
I Finally See An Haitian Who Really Understand Haiti Situation Politically. I Did Mention That Before That Preval Is Being Dictate. Most Of The Time You Can Be Well Educated And Can Not See A Very Little Gap In Front... Maria 07/07/2009
What Nonsense Is This? Who Is Running The Country Preval Or Clinton? Next Thing You Know They Will Be Moving Americans In And Trying To Turn Haiti Into The 51st State. / Clnmike 07/07/2009
I Like This Post.President Clinton Is A Great Guy May Be He Will Put Some Since In Preval's Head And Keep Him From Drinking 24/7. After All Why Dont We Just Ask Him To Take Control Since Preval Is Not Doing Anything... William Evens Josma 07/06/2009
Bill Clinton Does Not Represent America In Haiti. You Will Not See Him Guarded By US Marines Soldiers. You Will Not See Him Run In/Out The US Embassy; You Might See Him Very Well Guarded By UN Soldiers And Those Tanks... The Dark Knight 07/06/2009