Trust me I didn't know anything about coffee or cocoa. But...

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Trust me I didn't know anything about coffee or cocoa.

But your post does explain the meeting we (the pilots and Bennett) had in the huge warehouses.

I never knew what was in them because we walked down long hallways that seemed to go on forever and on each side was a wall so you neve saw what was behind the walls (maybe the coffee and cocoa you refer to).

Our conversations were mainly about aviation business ideas Bennett had. He wanted to start a service to Cuba but one of the pilots said the U.S. would object and thats when I recall him saying something about "Maybe we should talk to the President about this." I had heard Jean Claude Duvalier referred to as "watermellon head" but neve as a big fat retared pig. I never met him personally and saw the picture of him, with Bennetts daughter, hanging behind Bennetts desk at the car dealership.

I had always assumed he had the car dealership and the aviation business as thats all I ever saw except for the meetings in the large warehouse where I never saw anything but long hallways and walls on both sides of the hallways.

Only after I returned to U.S. & downfall of Baby Doc did I hear that he was involved in other things and, as best as I can recall, even then it was something about him collecting a penny tax on every bad of "tea" that was sold but here again I knew nothing of this or even that people in Haiti drink tea as I don't drink it myself.

Please trust me as I have no reason to lie to you and was paid by the man only for my aviation sevices and had nothing to do with any of his other activities and only heard of them from news reports after downfall of Baby Doc. I did know he was "important" because he daughter was married to the President and there was the soldier with the machine gun in his car at all times but I figured it was just because he was part of the first family so to speak.

But the points you have raised now explains the huge warehouse where we had meetings but I never saw anthing because of the walls but the hallways seemed to go on forever until we reached our meeting area.

Earl, June 29 2009, 10:08 PM

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