Earl, How could you know so little about a monster like your...

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How could you know so little about a monster like your former boss, Ernest Bennett after all the time you spent with him?

Well, Earl, let me share with you a big secret about your old boss.

The BMW dealership and Haiti Airline were considered as Ernest Bennett's side businesses.

Something he was doing so he won't get bored.

The main/key business of Ernest Bennett, the business that got them so rich was COFFEE and COCOA exportation.

Ernest Bennett and Madsen were the only 2 people in Haiti exporting cooffee and COCOA.

Haiti at the time was the 5th producer of coffee in the world and the Haitian coffee was the best in the world.

Well, he got greedier and so he manipulated his daughter, Michelle, to marry that big fat retarded pig with down syndrome, Jean-Claude Duvalier so he could have the sole monopoly of the coffee exportation.

The marriage took place and he became the only exporter of coffee in Haiti, he had the monoply.

This marriage was more like a business arrangement than it was a marriage for "love." Ernest Bennett was successfully able to stop the government from building/repairing the road in my homwtown.

He thought if the road is good enough there would be other people like Madsen to come in and take a piece of the action.

He could not afford that.

The government finally had MINUSTAH to built 2 nice bridges that were badly needed on that road. The MINUSTAH corps of engineer built is still working on that road.

Furthermore, there were plans to develop the area as one of the best tourist attraction, but Ernest Bennett stopped Baby Doc from allowing the development to take place because that would have been a big nuisance to his coffee and cocoa business in that town.

I said enough for one night!

Tiba, June 29 2009, 9:17 PM

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Earl, How could you know so little about a monster like your former boss, Ernest Bennett after all the time you spent... read more >
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Earl, 29-Jun-09 10:08 pm
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