Mr. Anders; you are one more Haitian who has given us an...

Linda - June 29 2009, 4:56 PM

Mr. Anders; you are one more Haitian who has given us an example of what Haitians need to avoid.

Fellow bloggers:

Please notice that Anders could have said something as nice and genuine as, "I gave Guy Theodore my home in ...

to live." Instead Anders chose the stupid, shallow, pretentious, old showoff Haitian way to say the same thing.

Anders said, "I have offered him (G. Theodore) permission to stay in my luxury home."

You guys notice the difference.

Anders is making sure that we know that he has a "LUXURY HOME."

How sad is that. Will Haitians ever get over themselves and really focus on the country.

Mr. Anders, your gesture would have been so nice if it was genuine.

Instead it's just a promotion for your own self. This is the problem with Haitians.

Everyone of them is out for what they can get for themselves and none of them really give a hoot about the suffering people on the island.


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