Earl, I am thrilled to know you put your luxury home in...

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I am thrilled to know you put your luxury home in Florida to housing another Haitian consulate if and when that become necessary.

I could have offered my one bedroom apartment too except it has only one window over looking the bushes, but I am working to get another window over looking the parking lot and that will suit the Haitian consul immensely.

I am glad to know you were Ernest Bennett's pilot flighing him all over Haiti stealling coffee and cocoa beans from the poor Haitian growers in the country side.

That may surprise you but Ernest Bennett was from my town which was the 5th producer of coffee in Haiti, and this evil man tore the entire town down. The town is still suffering the aftermath of this evil wrong doing.

I use to be friended with most of the Bennett family in my town. I used to play soccer with them all. People have reasons to hate this man because he was really an evil in full sense of the word.

Again, he should have been executed like a pig in a public place in front of everybody.

If you know where Earnest Bennett was from then you know know where I'm from.

I gotta split, peace!

Tiba, June 29 2009, 3:02 PM

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Zac, 29-Jun-09 12:20 pm
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Tiba, 29-Jun-09 12:22 pm
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Earl, 29-Jun-09 2:27 pm
Earl, I am thrilled to know you put your luxury home in Florida to housing another Haitian consulate if and when that... read more >
Tiba, 29-Jun-09 3:02 pm
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Linda, 29-Jun-09 5:07 pm
I don't argue with anything you have said and know from reading history the man had a bad reputation with Papa Doc but... read more >
Earl, 29-Jun-09 5:58 pm
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Zac, 29-Jun-09 8:17 pm
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Tiba, 29-Jun-09 9:17 pm
Trust me I didn't know anything about coffee or cocoa. But your post does explain the meeting we (the pilots and... read more >
Earl, 29-Jun-09 10:08 pm
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