Meriel, Despite the tremendous effort put by Linda and I to...

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Despite the tremendous effort put by Linda and I to educate Haitians about the protocol when dealing/addressing the government about any concerns, they still have a problem following our advice.

Meriel, with all due respect, I think you and your center would probably make more progress by taking your plight directly to the Haitian ambassador in Otttawa.

It is time people that you learn the protocol when dealing with a government.

Don't come on a blog site and write a one line sentence or 2 addressing the government and expect to get an answer.

First of all, Preval and his incompetent mediocre crony bunch don't use this blog for information or to find out what Haitians are saying.

You're wasting your time by using the blog to get their attention to your need.

Second, the best way to get Preval and his crony bunch to give any consideration to your need is by writing a "Petition Letter" signed by as many Haitians as you can and mail it to the Haitian embassy in Ottawa requesting that the letter get to the drunken president of Haiti.

You then wait 1 or 2 weeks after you sent the letter to follow up with a phone call making sure they got the letter and what they did with it. Often times, one letter will not get you what you want, and therefore, you may have to write a second, and a third letter.

These things take time, so you have to be patient especially when dealing with the Haitian government.

Since Haitian governments never give a crap about Haitian needs, I don't know how successful you would be, but it is worth trying.

Let us know how it went.

Good luck!

Tiba, June 29 2009, 6:04 AM

Topic: Need a Haitian Consulate in the West Canada

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Here are the Centre coordinator's name and numbers: Amson Saintime Tel: 780 -328-1472 Fax: 780-761- 2680 God bless you! read more >
Meriel, 29-Jun-09 1:44 am
Meriel, Despite the tremendous effort put by Linda and I to educate Haitians about the protocol when... read more >
Tiba, 29-Jun-09 6:04 am
So, I guess I am giving up. Just want to help the Haitian Community in the west part of Canada. Also, I can see how... read more >
Meriel, 29-Jun-09 11:10 am
This is true 100% as the embassy of Haiti in Washington has never replied to any email and I think their secretary is... read more >
Earl Anders, 29-Jun-09 11:26 am
Meriel, I agree with you giving up because someone like you with such thin skin cannot help others. To help others you... read more >
Tiba, 29-Jun-09 12:42 pm
Thanks for the answer. How come I never heard about that center before? Can you please tell me a little bit more about... read more >
Westerner, 30-Jun-09 9:17 pm
Oh, It's a new centre, as it is registered for almost a year. I don't know where you are located, but, if you live in... read more >
D. Meriel, 30-Jun-09 10:03 pm
Do they have a website or something so I can see who I am dealing with? Are they dealing only with new migrants? I... read more >
Westerner, 1-Jul-09 12:35 pm
Personaly, I am not sure. I think it might be in construstion. But, you can contact them at the phone number I... read more >
Derrick M., 1-Jul-09 3:23 pm
Tiba and Linda make me love this blog. It seem the forget they are haitian when they try to implement the develop... read more >
Tara, 2-Jul-09 1:06 am
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