My beloved Linda, Thank you for your vote of confidence in me...

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My beloved Linda,

Thank you for your vote of confidence in me, and I am exceptionally flaterred.

Linda, politics has always been my main facination and faturation in life. Just between you and me, I was forced out of Haiti in the 70s due to my ferocious critism of the government.

I remember the day when the militia comandor with 2 other makout to shoot me because I refused to be part of the government.

After living in the bushes for 2 long weeks, I finally got on a 25 feet long boat (batiman) with 78 other people headed to Florida.

It was during Jemmy Carter administration, back then the United States was very friendly to Haitian refugees and we were all welcome.

I was home sick, and I lost no time returning to Haiti only a few months after the fat pig, Jean-Claude, left the country.

The trip to my hometown was very overwhelming due to the bad living condition my people were living under.

I took matter into my own 2 hands, and I was able to get them humanitarian help in 1989. In 1995, I was able to build a clininc with the help of some folks from upstate New York to provide them with basic health care. And today, the project also provides education assistance and economic development to all people in town and its surroundings.

As much as I am burning with the disire to be able to provide a better life to all of my people and make Haiti the paradise of the carabbean and reclaim its title "The pearl of the antilles" once again, I am powerless, unfortunately.

And to answer your question, no, I cannot run for any public office in my native country, Haiti.

I do have the back up that I would need to, believe me, but I can't.

Two months ago when I went to Haiti, everybody in my hometown demanded that run for parliament or the senate in 2011. They told me not to worry regardles what my citizenship status would be, they have the power to send me to the parliament or the senate, and it was very painful when I turned them all down.

Linda, citizenship status is not the only factor that could bring pain to a diaspora who is running for public office in Haiti, there is what's called "wanga" (black majic), which constitutes the most lethal wapon your oponent would use to get the rid of you faster.

Political competition in Haiti is not about providing a much better product, a better alternative, or a better approach than your opponents, it is about getting the rid of your opponents using every means necessary.

Politics is the most brutal and cruel business in Haiti and I don't want to die yet.

Tiba, June 24 2009, 12:35 PM


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My beloved Linda, Thank you for your vote of confidence in me, and I am exceptionally flaterred. Linda, politics has... read more >
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My beloved Linda, Thank you for your vote of confidence, and I am exceptionally flaterred. Linda, politics has always... read more >
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