Hugues Sanon I would ask you to layoff on that powerful sh8t...

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Hugues Sanon

I would ask you to layoff on that powerful sh8t that you are smoking, it will kill you.

You are just another right wing radical extremist fear monger very ignorant and uninformed about gays and lesbians going around to force your so-called belief and your fake so-called values down other people's throats.

Hugues Sanon, what are you fear or scared about?

There is nowhere in the bible God ever talked about homosexual, but God do talk and condemn adultry.

Adultry is considered to be the capital sin according to the bible.

When was the last time you've cheated on your wife/girlfriend.

Every single one of these so-called Haitian ministers and politicaians you've talked about have cheated on their spouses, do you take offense to that?

Mr. Sanon, did you know dogs get married every day in Las Vegas.

There is a chapel in Las Vegas where marriage ceremonies are performed only for dogs. Do you and all of your airhead gays and lesbians hater mongers take offense to that.

Yes I hear the justification every day from people like you, "God created Adam and Eve and marriage is between a man and a woman" blah, blah, blah, but God did not say marriage is between a dog and another dog either, did he?

I know what you're thinking, and no, I am not a homosexual or gay, and I don't have anyone in my family who is gay or lesbian, and I do not have any gay or lesbian friends, nor that I work with any gays and lesbians either.

Since I clarified my gender and sexuality orientation, let me say out loud, I DON"T CARE NOR GIVE A RAT *SS if 2 men or 2 women want to get married.

I don't feel threatened and it doesn't bother me one bet. People should be able to get married anyway they want to whether is one man with one woman or, one man with another man, one woman with another woman.

After all, these are human beings just like straight people who are educated, who work, and who pay taxes.

They, too, are big contributors to the economy and to the fabric of the society.

In fact, straight/hetrosexual people creat far greater damage and destruction to marriage and to the society by raping women and children, by committing adultry/cheating, by abusing their wives/women and children, and the list goes on and on. I have never heard of any gays and lesbians committing these type of crimes.

There is a lot of that going on in Haiti, and where are you Mr. Sanon at addressing this savagery?

Marriage has been a disgrace institution a longtime ago. Marriage has lost its meaning and importance a longtime ago by straight/hetrosexual community.

Gay marriage will not destroy the integrity and meaning of marriage because all that is already been don by you, all of these so-called minesters, politicians, and the straight, and the hetrosexual community a longtime ago.

Find yourself a will job to do and leave gays and lesbians alone for heaven sick. You and all of your gay and lesbian hate monger need to stop being so paranoid delusional about gay marriage.

I think it is more important that you guys concentrate more on your own marriages and relationships for a change.

Tiba, June 17 2009, 1:48 PM


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